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What help can I offer to you in the work environment?

The need for clear eloquent communications is even more demanding in business. You need to ensure that your internal directives are clearly-understood and inspirational; your messages to your customers should be impactful and effective, your PR statements need to have the capacity to grab an editor’s attention and your financial announcements have to be spot on of course. If you think I’m exaggerating, check out the posting on ‘Jargon busting’ which describes how powerful Government Department officials are now being made aware of the importance  of clear and concise writing.

Most large companies will have people like me employed to handle all key communications requirements. Smaller companies cannot afford that luxury and rely increasingly on out-sourcing copy-writing or communications skills to deliver important message-sets on demand.

What specific writing services can I offer?   

Well, these are just a few:

–  producing compelling copywriting for marketing/sales materials, campaign text etc

–  drafting press releases on, for example, new product plans and marketing initiatives

–  crisp body-copy for websites, award submissions and company literature

–  preparation of a suite of ongoing communications aimed at keeping employees updated and on-side with change plans

–  help drafting a keynote address to a conference or a

–  motivational sales presentation to your channel partners

–  end-of-year report to staff, partners and shareholders

–  presentations to senior level staff on strategy recommendations

–  welcome words at an important client hospitality event

–  articulation of a complex new procedure succinctly and clearly

–  clear copy for handbooks, guides and other sales support materials.

What value-added services could we help with?

After 25 years of high-level marketing I am well-connected with a host of specialists who can help me deliver more complex communications solutions to meet your needs including:

–  as well as drafting press notices we can offer a complete press release process into targetted media with post-release tracking and reporting on coverage and media value. My great friend Simon, who was Director of Brand at one of the UK’s largest UK companies, helps me with this and he is just superb at ensuring effective news release allied to insightful brand direction for your company and its services;

–  in addition to supplying body-copy we can produce for you a brilliantly cost-effective website design service capable of delivering a hard-working solution to your online awareness needs including new business generation. Run by my rather brilliant young partner Russ, this part of the business is growing rapidly because we offer a full agency service without the usual agency overheads. We deliver tailored solutions which are highly effective because we know the key ways to keep your site looking fresh and interesting and worth returning to. We can write everything for you, including all base copy, updates, blog posts. sales/promo offers etc and keep the site optimally maintained.  It’s simple and quick and it will look great because we can do all the brand design and look and feel stuff for you too. It’s a one-stop solution and our costs are the keenest you’ll find. Even if you’ve got a site, it’s worth having a chat with us because most small business sites are ineffective and dull and haven’t been updated in ages. It’s pointless to waste your investment

–  similarly we can deliver and manage all your business-led ongoing social media activity on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc for optimising sales interest, lead generation, awareness building and image profiling. It can be a trying job doing this for yourself whilst also managing your business activity. Just give Russ and I the task. What could be easier? To see what Russ and his company, Rule Creative, are all about check out his own cool site:

rule creative


– finally we can even advise strategically and manage any programme of sponsorship activity for you, big or small. Heck we can even search for sponsorship backing for your assets and events if that’s what you need. I do this with Brian who’s had over 30 years experience in the industry and he’s personally delivered some £45M of sponsorship funding. We’ve worked with niche companies and brands and some of the world’s largest in telecommunications, auto, banking as well as civic authorities, charities, media organisations, sports rights holders, arts institutions, toy companies and technology brands. Brian’s company is called Sponsorfinder and you can find further information on the range of service offerings below:



How much would any of this cost?

The common thread throughout all these services is that we have reduced overhead commitments to an absolute minimum to ensure that we can offer the very keenest prices to the business client and we only want to work with a select few at any one time to ensure optimal servicing of our clients’ needs.

I would be delighted to meet up for a chat to discuss your specific needs and requirements and then respond with a fully-costed proposal very quickly. All you have to do is call 07902 945339 or e-mail me at wordsfrompaul@gmail.com or drop me a short note via the comment box in the ‘Get in touch’ section and I’ll get right back to you.

I might just have the very words you need in the palm of my hand.



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