September 2015

Well for the last 6 months I’ve been working with a former colleague from my BT days delivering a major marketing programme for a significant telecoms/fleet services company run by some very old mates from the mobile days. It’s been a super assignment and we are on the cusp of delivering the new company website having resolved all their branding and naming strategy. If his sounds like the sort of thing your company needs help with, just get in touch using the contact details on the Get in Touch page.

February 2015

Well work seems to be flowing in at the moment. You’ll recall I did an intro speech for a  documentary maker to pitch for an exciting new tv programme, well, the idea’s rolling forward nicely  and, delighted with my words, he wants me to get more involved with the project. Sounds great.

A new friend in the area has asked me to do a promotional selling piece for him on a project to restore a masseria villa in Puglia and develop it into a boutique hotel. He needs something really compelling to pitch to prospective investors.  Now that’s a lovely opportunity for an old Italophile like me.

Earlier this week a former colleague and I were invited to pitch to a company delivering communications platforms and solutions into businesses, to address all their marketing needs over the next 3 months and possibly beyond. It’s a major piece of work for us potentially and I was up till the wee small hours finalising a first cut of our proposal.

On top of this I’m writing around 1,000 words each evening on my grandson’s blog. It’s for a closed user group of family and close friends only. I write it as if I was my grandson and it’s great fun but I have to keep on top of it. Heaven knows when I’m going to get time to put some new pieces together for the blog on this site and on my personal blog site, Pasta Paulie. But it’s great to be busy.

December 2104

A fabulous job landed in my lap from a very old friend whose daughter heads up the marketing team for a leading Scandinavian travel company with a large London office. She happens to be delightful and, here’s the bonus, she wants me to review their promotional and some comm’s material and, possibly, website content and do a copywriting job on it all. Neat. Can’t wait to get started.

November 2014

I had a great brief recently; delivering some compelling words for a tv documentary maker who is pitching an idea for a tv series to a major company and a leading broadcaster. He had the detail of his presentation sorted but needed a great intro to his speech to get ‘the hairs on the neck tingling’. No pressure then! Anyway he thought the words I delivered really hit the mark, which was cool. If the pitches go well I hope to get some further work associated with the tv series. Now that would be excellent.

4th July 2014

It’s been a very busy last two weeks. Firstly we’ve submitted a proposal to completely re-build and design anew a major engineering company’s website. They are market leaders but their site is looking dated and doesn’t reflect a leadership profile. We are doing this work on a sub-contract basis for a leading PR and social media agency. We know they really like our proposals, fingers crossed the client feels similarly. This could be a major breakthrough project for us coming off the back of the Godwin Consulting work.

In addition to that we’ve submitted a detailed proposal to create a new brand positioning and marketing communications platform as well as a completely new site for a local restaurant. I think the brand idea we’ve come up with is spot on and really clever. We’re waiting to hear what this client thinks too and I hope they’re feeling bold.

If you’re a local business needing a thorough appraisal of your website capability and some honest thoughts on what could be done to make it really effective then do give me a call. Similarly if you are a local marketing agency and need some specific website/copywriting work done, just shout.

4th June 2014

I’m delighted that the new website for our locally-based IT consultancy client, Godwin Consulting, went live last night helping to support our client’s PR activity at a major conference in San Francisco. Wey hey. Have a look at the site’s first phase development at Really cool, simple and user friendly design from my top web colleague Russ at A challenging brief but I really enjoyed working with  our client. Top chap. I really believe the new site resonates well with his incredibly specialised business and client base. Call me if you need some help with your site.

12th May 2014

It’s been a long gestation period but the website we’ve been creating for a significant London-based IT specialist is nearing completion and is looking very nice. It will be great to see this launched in the very near future. Meanwhile I’m hoping to pick up a commission from a local restaurant where the food is great but their website is one of the worst business platforms I’ve ever seen. We’ve also got a great marketing idea for them which I think is an absolute winner. Watch this space!

11th May 2014

I’ve just updated the testimonial section with some lovely feedback from one of my local clients. I really enjoyed working with her and I’m vey much hoping her career choices kick on now.

5th March 2014

Well after a short break whilst I’ve been dealing with some health issues, it’s good to be back and gainfully employed on two clients’ work. The website I’ve been developing in conjunction with my nephew/partner Russ is virtually complete now and we are just waiting for some client feedback before launching it. I’m also doing some persoanl profile stuff for a very nice client which is going well and I hope to finish that work, this week too. It’ll be nice to do some billing too!

27th November 2013

Well it was great to get a call from an old friend and work colleague a few days ago asking if I could help with his personal profile stuff. I spent some time over the week-end thinking about the content and delivered some updated materials tonight which M seemed to like, which is really pleasing. Just goes to show how most people’s CVs and personal statements and LinkedIn profiles can get stale and in need of refreshment. If they do, you know where to come for a re-fresh folks!

22nd November 2103

I received a lovely letter today from local client SA for whom we did some recent pointing up work on her already impressive CV. I have to say it was a delightful experience and SA has very kindly supplied a very nice testimonial. I’m really starting to enjoy this more local way of working.

21st November 2013

Well I’m delighted to say that we have been commissioned to build a new website for IG’s business. Excellent news and a really great project to get our teeth into. We have to deliver a great solution now.

12th November 2013

Well it was  great to meet up with local ITC consultant IG last night to discuss ideas for re-vamping his website. IG consults for some of the largest architecture practices so the site needs to look cool and yet be engaging and interesting and business-attracting of course. I need to come up with a good proposal and I’ve developed a few ideas overnight which I think are spot on. I just need my partner to turn some neat ideas into web reality now. Pressure on.

11th November 2013

As if on cue, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d prepared a new CV for former Premiership player Paul B who was keen to get back into the coaching side of the game. Well I was delighted to get an update from him over the week-end confirming that he’s just been appointed to a senior coaching role with Premiership side Sunderland FC. Way aye man! Brilliant news. See how important it is to get your CV looking as impressive as possible!

10th November 2013

I’ve been a little bit side-tracked by some medical stuff but I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet and deliver a new CV and supporting material for new local clients M&J last week-end. Great people and I know they were pleased with the outcome. So if you’ve been struggling getting that CV re-freshed or updating other personal writing needs do please get in touch. Each of my last few clients have been desperate to get their career statements re-presented compellingly and the outcome has been very positive in every case (he said touching wood). You don’t have to sit there scrunching up re-draft after re-draft you know…..


Call me!

1st November 2013

Well this news item has absolutely nothing to do with business; I’m just thrilled to report that my lovely youngest daughter and her top husband had their first baby earlier today – a healthy bouncing 7lb 14oz son. Everyone’s doing fine which is a huge relief. I know this is indulgent but it’s a significant day for me; we’re the very proud parents of 3 tremendous daughters and now 3 wonderful grandsons which is beautiful symmetry don’t you think? If you’re bemused that someone with my boyish looks can be a 3-peat GP then I should admit we were married at 12…… only joking folks – in fact I looked middle-aged when I was doing my A levels.

31st October 2103

Many thanks to the organisers of the Totally Locally Teddington Tenner scheme and everyone who contacted me through it. It’s been a great way to publicise my new writing service and to support local business generally. I won’t make a fortune from it (that’s my wife and Financial Controller you can hear laughing in the background) but I have work stacked up for the next 3 weeks at least with some really nice local clients wanting some personal writing work (refreshing CVs and Personal Statements etc) and several very interesting meetings lined up with local businesses to discuss content creation for websites and in two cases a complete re-design and web-site re-build. We’re up and running and on the map. Wey hey and thanks again.

30th October 2013


The other night I watched this fascinating programme on TV (no not the one above) about people searching for a flat share opportunity in London. The most interesting character was this young geeky chap who needed to let out one of his bedrooms to help with his mortgage repayments. Decent lad as he was, his letting promotional material seemed to focus on all the stranger attractions of his home eg the general tv room with free viewing of all the DVDs  in his collection which even the chaps in the Big Bang Theory would have been proud of – Star Trek, Dr Who, Battlestar Gallactica and the like. Unless you’re a die-hard Trekkie it’s not got magnetic appeal.

Now he couldn’t understand why 8 out 10 people simply failed to turn up to the viewing appointment in a city desperately short of good, clean, reasonably-priced single person accommodation. So far as I know he’s still searching for that elusive tenant and his/her £7200 contribution per annum. That was a lot of income to miss out on because of his poor sales pitch.

He really needed to stop faffing wth his phasers and just give me a shout. I think I could make even his geeky house sound like the coolest pad outside of Hoxton…for a fee of about 1/10 of the first month’s rent. So if you want to boldly go where your clients may be, think smarter and make a small investment in some expert, effective writing help.

Even Kirk would find that highly logical.


28th October 2103

tlt big

Well only a few more days left of the Teddington Tenner offer so if you want your CV polishing, Personal Statement finalising, website updated, letter drafted etc then get in touch quickly because the £10 price (for two hours work) runs out on 31st October.

19th October 2013


I recently did some work for former Premiership player and England international Paul Bracewell. Paul’s career has been stellar with almost 600 appearances at 5 clubs currently in the Premiership and with management experience served under the likes of Kevin Keegan and Peter Reid then as manager in his own right at Fulham FC etc. So being asked to bring  his CV and media profile to life and deliver something more impactful was a real treat. Paul has very kindly dropped me a new testimonial which I’ve added to the site if you fancy a look. Of course if you’d like me to look at turning your CV into something a little crisper and more compelling, just get in touch.

18th October 2013

tlt big

I’m delighted that we have been accepted onto the local business initiative scheme called Totally Locally Teddington. From 17-31st October we are supporting the Tempting Tenner campaign by offering 3 lots of writing work to local people/businesses for just £10. It’s effectively a quarter price offer so a fantastic opportunity for people to get to know how helpful we can be at a price that’s just unbelievably good. For further info on the scheme check out @TLTeddington or visit the website at:

I7th October 2013

rule creative

I’ve formed a new partnership with my nephew Russ who’s  young, very smart and brilliant at website design and social media marketing. His company Rule Creative is fast growing because he produces serious agency level work but like me he keeps prices keen because he’s done away with the usual expensive agency overheads. Whilst Russ gets on with the design and build and ongoing platform management, I’m hoping to add some great words for our clients to make their on-site body copy crisp and compelling. There’s more information at the section entitled ….or your business.

Please check it out and if you want some website work or someone to handle your social media marketing  (particularly if you have existing platforms which are proving ineffective) then just shout. Here’s a link to

15th October 2013

Inspired by a recent gift from some great friends, I’ve added a new section called WoTD  which is about interesting phrases and quotes which I find amusing, inspirational or just mean something to me and which I’ll try and add them on a more or less daily basis. I think it’s important to keep this site feeling fresh and thoughtful and I hope you get to check the Words of the Day out from time to time. Of course I’d be delighted if you’d like to add a quote or thought that has tickled/touched you too.

14 October 2013

I’ve been working with a great guy called Simon for many years now  and there’s nothing he doesn’t know about the importance of creating great brand identity. If you need help or guidance on the subject let me know and I’ll hook you up with an acknowledged expert. His advice could be invaluable. Meantime I’m delighted that Simon, who is a superb wordsmith, has agreed to help me with his first love – crafting great press releases and delivering and tracking releases into the business media as it’s a growing need for those of our business clients who cannot justify employing a full time PR agency. As ever we can deliver agency capability at a fraction of their standard charges because we don’t try and pass on overheads costs to you.

10th October 2013


If you want any advice about the subject of sponsorship – how to do it, how to secure backing, how to develop a strategy etc then check out the company Sponsorfinder.

It’s a company I’ve been associated with for several years. Brian is the head of the company and the nicest guy in a very tough industry. Follow

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