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Who needs help?

I realise that most people can get by very easily jotting down a few lines or notes without resorting to some help from a wordsman like myself. Just like most people can change a light bulb of course. But the reality is there will always be a number of folk for whom that remains a difficult task – I can quickly think of at least half a dozen people who aren’t able or sufficiently confident to change a bulb.

The same is true of writing, especially when there’s a need for something important to be written. Many young people, possibly lacking in creative confidence, struggle to write compelling Personal Statements which are so important for getting into their first choice colleges and universities.  The most gifted sales guy I ever knew could sell snow to the Eskimos but his profound dyslexia meant he struggled enormously to complete his weekly sales reports. It took him ages to ask for some help but once he did it was like a burden being lifted from his shoulders.

The simple fact is that whilst most people can write perfectly well, they just can’t write engagingly, movingly or entertainingly. Millions of people play football recreationally but only around 300 of us (and that excludes me) are good enough to play in the Premiership. It’s the difference between alright and memorable.

There are also many people for whom English isn’t necessarily their first language but who are now resident in this country. Whilst their conversational skills may be fine, some may well need considerable help with writing applications, form filling etc.

Lots of us lead really busy lives too. I make time to think about crafting the right words because that’s my job. But for many people the pressures of running a busy household, holding down a job, finding time for the kids and your partners etc means that it’s difficult to find a few spare hours of peace and quiet to draft some words which might be important. Heck, even the most creative of people need help with material – check out my recent posting about famous stand-up comedians employing writers too.

What could I help with?

Well lots of things. Hands up all those who have ever felt really uncomfortable delivering some clunky jokes and uninspiring words that you spent ages drafting and which went down like the plague. Who’s never struggled over one of these:

–  an interesting and convincing job application

–  a compelling Personal Statement to support a University/college or job application

–  a refreshed CV or more sparkling LinkedIn profile (and if you don’t believe this is important, check out the posting entitled LaughedOut in the ‘Words written by me’ heading)

–  a stinging letter of complaint seeking redress for poor service

–  help completing a difficult form (eg for Gov agency, local authority, bank, tax authority etc)

–  a really memorable father-of-the-bride speech

–  a witty after-dinner speech at your local tennis/Rotary/golf club

–  a poignant and fitting eulogy

–  a moving farewell tribute to a retiring colleague

–  the zippy welcome presentation

–  a delightfully different and fun invitation to lunch perhaps?….


There are too many requirements to keep listing them all. Quite simply what I’d hope I can offer  are the words that will give you stand-out impact and to be remembered for it. Think about that.

How much would it cost?

I charge by the hour and my basic rate is no more than any call-up specialist’s. If you give me a call we can chat through your needs and I’ll give you a decent quote as an introductory deal. If the work takes slightly less or more time I’ll call you up to explain and chat through the implications. I shalln’t let costs run away – that’s a promise. I hope that seems fair.

All you have to do is call 07902 945339 or e-mail me at wordsfrompaul@gmail.com.

If you like my work and my charges then perhaps you might let some of your friends know and give them my details too.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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