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It’s Write For You is a very new business and I hope to gather lots of positive feedback from my clients as we go along. For the moment I’m delighted to share these testimonials with you, one very close to home!


What they said….

I met Paul a few years ago when he gave us some really sound advice about pitching a sponsorship proposition for a major festival event we were working on. I thought at the time he had really good presentation skills. When I later learned that he had set up a writing service, following his recovery, I immediately thought of him to help me pitch a number of ideas for tv programmes I’ve been developing. Paul has delivered some great synopses – crisply written and really compelling. And if my current discussions progress successfully through to a commission, I’ve already told Paul that I want his skills on board as principal script writer!

Ray Moore, independent tv documentary maker

Dear Paul

I think what you have done with my CV is great, I am delighted with it. I particularly like the personal summary; it reads in such a more interesting way.  I love the LinkedIn profile too. All in all I think my formal and online career statements really look impressive now and are exactly what I was looking for.  

I really have felt comfortable with the whole process. I have found it very easy to be open with you and my trust has been rewarded in an excellent end product. Asking for your help has proved to be just the kick up the you know what that I was after and it certainly has renewed my confidence in moving my career forward.

Thanks again

FC,  Teddington

I asked Paul for help with creating an engaging personal statement for my CV. Paul took the time to talk through my CV and gave me some great tips for sharpening it up. Paul quickly identified I was rather underplaying some of my career achievements and wrote a personal statement that much better reflected in an engaging and informal way what I’d achieved and what I’m looking to do next. Thank you, really helpful and a great service!

SA , Teddington

I asked Paul to update my CV and media profile as I needed something freshly-written, more striking and better able to hit a few trigger points. Paul responded with a really well-presented set of documents and several ideas on taking my career forward which I welcomed enormously.  With the benefit of some decent materials I am now actively seeking a new and challenging opportunity in sports business/club management or the media.

Paul Bracewell, ex-Premiership footballer, top-flight Manager and England International

I recently asked Paul for some help with an upcoming important speech. I had a few ideas on what I wanted to say but was lacking a strong single theme for my talk. Paul responded promptly with several really imaginative ideas which cleverly pulled together the disparate strands into a coherent theme. Not only that but his leading idea was fully developed into a complete and amusing script which had me rocking with laughter. Paul’s response to the brief was fast and spot on and I was delighted with the outcome.

Stephen Liddle, founder of Content is King, one of the UK’s leading film communications agencies


I was delighted to help Paul build his It’s Write For You website, facebook and twitter platforms and, impressed by his new service, I commissioned him to produce a new guest blog for my own site. I needed something based on the theme of creative/marketing expertise and I wanted it to be punchy and entertaining if possible. Paul was quick to deliver a really great piece, well-written and amusing and it’s gone straight onto my site. I’ve already recommended It’s Write for You to my business contacts.

Russ, Owner – Rule Creative

I’ve known Paul for many years in a professional capacity; he is an outstanding visionary marketeer, who will always go the extra mile for a great project.  When I was looking for someone to write something compelling and insightful to help articulate the aims and aspirations of my new organisation Creative Skills For Life, I immediately thought of Paul. He responded in no time with a sensitively-crafted and highly poignant article which perfectly fitted my brief and our needs. Paul has a real knack for hitting the spot with the reader and it should go without saying that I would happily commission him again when I need some essential words produced.

Ian Spero, CEO and Founder, Creative Skills for Life   


I know I’m biased and bound to be supportive but the fact is that Paul really does know how to write effectively – especially when it comes to personal business communications where the only criterion is does the letter/message deliver the right results? It usually does when Paul writes it. Interestingly he also has a particular talent for writing strongly-worded letters of complaint. Our daughter was recently being targetted by a finance company offering her a line of credit which, given her vulnerability with Down’s syndrome, was entirely inappropriate. With one short but very firmly-worded message he secured an immediate and full apology from the Chief Executive’s office with formal confirmation that our daughter’s personal details had been removed from their marketing data files. Mission accomplished!

Carol, wife of Paul

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